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Metrobank offers superior convenience with e-banking services

It was back in 1990 when Metrobank rode the waves of electronic banking innovation by introducing the country’s first talking ATM machine. Electronic Touch banking or Metrobank E.T. was a name that easily caught the attention of ATM users and Metrobank depositors alike. Henceforth, there was no stopping Metrobank in developing new electronic banking (e-Banking) services to give clients more choices for their diverse banking needs.

"We want to provide clients with innovative and more convenient ways to avail of banking services, said Metrobank president Arthur Ty.

Providing support to the Bank's e-banking services is a strong and sophisticated information technology infrastructure that allows the use of latest technology without compromising security. "Our IT investments through the years have enabled us to provide accurate over-the-counter servicing, ATM online availability, and access to our Internet banking facility,” explains Ty.

Banking at the touch of a button

With the advent of e-Banking services, banking with Metrobank is no longer limited to over-the-counter transactions during regular banking hours. Clients can now bank virtually anywhere, whether at home or office.

Currently, the bank is equipped with more than 700 in-branch and offsite ATMs and is continuously looking at more opportunities for expansion. From simple cash withdrawal and account inquiry, the Metrobank E.T. has evolved into a flexible channel for more diverse transactions to include bills payment, automatic debit facility, international cash withdrawal and purchase of prepaid mobile phone PINs.
  • Bills Payment - Metrobank E.T. can be used to pay for credit cards, loans, insurance, pre-need plans, donations to charitable groups, e-pass, and much more at any Metrobank or BancNet ATMs nationwide. Just select the Payment option from the main menu, choose the category then biller from the list. Enrollment is not necessary and the service is free of charge.
  • Automatic debit - Clients may use their Metrobank E.T. for cashless shopping at any of over 200 BancNet-accredited merchants nationwide. Purchase amount will be automatically debited from their account. With automatic debit, shopping becomes more fun, convenient and safe.
  • Overseas cash withdrawal – Its affiliation with Cirrus-Maestro (Mastercard) allows cardholders of the Metrobank E.T. card to withdraw any local currency at over a million ATM stations worldwide.
Four years after the introduction of Metrobank’s ATM services, Metrophone Banking was launched. Clients need only to enroll their accounts at their home branch. Using a touch tone phone, just dial 5-8000 or domestic toll-free 1-800-1-888-5800 for provincial areas to make account inquiries, pay bills, transfer funds to another Metrobank account, request for bank statements and many more.

The success of the Metrophone Banking was followed by the roll-out of Metrobank’s Mobile Banking in 2001. The service doubles the convenience of phonebanking as it allows clients to conduct transactions via mobile phones. Enrollment is also needed to avail of this service.

Meanwhile, the emergence of the Internet opened quite a number of possibilities for greater banking convenience. Metrobank took advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet and developed the metrobankdirect for individual clients in May 2002, then for corporate clients in October of the same year.

Metrobankdirect-Retail offers solutions for bills payment, car and home loans, credit cards and personal loans. These are on top of available basic banking transactions such as funds transfer, account inquiry and bills payment. Just recently, the website was enhanced to make online banking more engaging and visually-appealing. The site adopted a new look with bolder colors plus a streamlined architecture for intuitive navigation. It has sophisticated security features including a 128-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system, customer ID and password protection, automatic log-out if the computer is left idle, firewalls, advanced virus protection, and website certification by Verisign, one of the world's leading website authentication companies.

Cash management solutions for corporate clients

Understanding the need of companies to keep up with the demands of their businesses, Metrobank also developed a suite of e-Banking solutions for corporate clients via the metrocash manager and metrobankdirect-Corporate online banking facility.

"Our cash management solutions aim to automate a firm's banking transactions, so companies can optimize their operations and working capital. More importantly, the product levels the playing field for both large corporate accounts and entrepreneurs since both can now achieve operational efficiency through automation," said Ty.

metrocash manager offers a wide-range of banking solutions designed to address the diverse banking requirements of corporate clients
  • Inquiry solutions - gives companies access to their accounts online; enables them to download account statements, inquire on the check status of their issued checks, and track outstanding loans.
  • Payment solutions - includes check writing and payroll service, crediting of funds to a third-party account, and remittance of employee contributions and loan repayments to the SSS.
  • Collection solutions - real time debit of customers’ bank accounts to settle their payables to the company, post-dated check warehousing, and fast downloading of bills collection reports.
  • Liquidity solutions - account sweep and reverse sweep for multiple accounts.
Serving as front-end of metrocash manager is metrobankdirect-Corporate, a web-based channel that gives companies direct, unlimited access to their accounts. It was designed with layers of security features, making it one of the most secure online systems available. The service is supported by a dedicated team of Account Officers and Product Managers who are always on-hand to provide a high-level of support to users.

“Today, it is difficult to run a business without the advantages offered by technology,” said Ty. “Technology provides benefits in decision-making, automation, reach, and control. Part of our job at Metrobank is to provide our clients the benefits that technology brings so that they can handle their finances more efficiently. IT provides real-time information that allows both the bank and its clients to make critical decisions and to run their businesses more efficiently. Metrobank is always looking out for better technology and its applications for the benefit of its clients."

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