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Metrobank continues to expand reach – locally and globally

In aspiring to be the best financial institution in the country, Metrobank is in constant pursuit of growth. Even after having achieved the prime position as the country's largest bank, there is no stopping the bank from extending its reach to customers in the Philippines and abroad.

“Very few banks can say that they are present in practically every corner of this country,” says Metrobank president Arthur Ty. Metrobank’s domestic network is composed of 557 branches all over the archipelago. The bank has 317 branches in Metro Manila, 115 in Luzon, 73 in the Visayas, and 52 in Mindanao. Its subsidiary Philippine Savings Bank has 150 branches.

The bank’s automated teller machine (ATM) network is equally impressive. There are now over 700 in-branch and off-site Metrobank ATMs throughout the country. These ATMs have recently been enhanced with a Windows-based operating system that allows the machines to run video screens making them more interactive and user friendly. Metrobank is also a member of BancNet - an association of banks that has a network of over 2,200 ATMs.

Information and communication technology advancement has provided significant inroads in improving service delivery in branches. All Metrobank branches operate online and the bank’s IT infrastructure has allowed it to set up branches or ATM facilities even in remote areas or provinces. To further bolster this domestic scope, the bank is now exploring tie-ups with rural banks.

Alongside Metrobank’s local expansion is its aggressive foray into the global arena. Buoyed by the continued growth potential of overseas remittance inflows, the bank has reorganized its international operations to promote better focus and capitalize on available opportunities.

“Metrobank has placed high priority in strengthening the marketing and distribution capabilities of its international offices and subsidiaries in line with our growth strategy,” said Metrobank senior vice president Carmelita R. Araneta, head of the International Offices and Subsidiaries Group.

“We have been exploring further tie-ups with foreign remittance companies and evaluating international branch locations to enhance market coverage. We intend to maintain our lion's share of the remittance market through more aggressive marketing, sales and service efforts,” said Araneta. During the first half of 2006, total transactions coursed through Metrobank’s international channels amounted to US$1.4 billion.

Metrobank has 69 international branches, remittance offices, partnerships, and tie-ups in the Middle East (27), Asia Pacific (20), Europe (10), and in the Americas (12). The bank is present in key cities in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Shanghai in the Asia Pacific region.

The bank also enjoys strong presence in Europe with remittance offices in London, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Madrid, Barcelona, and Vienna. In the US, Metrobank is present in New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Chicago, and the Bahamas. Most recently, it opened its first remittance office in Canada. It has established partnerships with over 1,000 correspondent banks worldwide.

Metrobank’s domestic and international push is in line with its strategy of strengthening the bank’s marketing and sales capabilities to grow its customer base. “We aim to maximize the full potential of our extensive branch network and international offices. We are expanding our coverage of corporate, middle and consumer markets, and in particular, the overseas Filipino market,” said Ty.

“We are working on expanding our product offerings in our international offices so that Filipinos abroad can also avail of Metrobank’s unique products and services. If a Filipino abroad wants to buy a house in the Philippines for his family, Metrobank should be able to address that financing need and make loan amortization payments easy and convenient to do through any of our international offices or remittance partners abroad,” explained Ty.

“To the extent possible, we want to give our clients abroad the opportunity to avail of our financial products and services that we are offering locally. Therefore, transactions need not be confined to remittance services alone,” concludes Ty.